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beauford-vintage-classicThis is our Diamond White Beauford. This is an Elegant and Romantic 1920 Bridal Car. She will turn heads on the road and on your arrival. With a soft top which can be taken down in the warmer weather she comes with Red carpets and Cream Leather seats. This can also accommodate large dresses despite being such a sleek car . With her Chrome pipes and brilliant white, she is the ultimate princess car for the fairytale Bride taking a step back in time and a very photogenic backdrop to any photos

In a Rare Old English White with Champagne Colours, this is a 1920 classic Regent. This car has the benefit of carrying the Bride to her wedding with lots of room and big dress friendly, easy access to the car and come again with a soft top which can be taken down. This car also has the benefit of benefit of hold 6 seats and is a popular choice with our brides for their Bridal Party. The car is often seen travelling with Elsa as a second car. This car draws attention due to her unique colours and will fit with every colour scheme

Unique and listed as one of the most unique cars for your wedding, those who love Pink have the opportunity to have the colour, the soft top and the iconic status of this truly bespoke car. She again can be used as the Bridal or added as the Bridesmaid car. She has 5 seats and has the benefit of the hood being convertible in warmer weather. There is only one of these cars in the UK, and is a truly photogenic vehicle. Mixed often with the Duke as a pair, transporting up to 10 people in one trip, or mixed with one of the classics as that bespoke bridesmaid car. She also comes with her pink and white interior and is a popular choice with many brides seeking something totally unique

One of the world’s most recognised iconic cars. The vintage London Fairway is one of the talking points at any wedding. In her Classic Old English White, she has the practicality of carrying up to 5 people, is ideal for big dresses and is a head turner on the roads. This car is a genuine piece of British History and is a very cosmopolitan way to travel to the venue, she often sits well in the City Centre, and is also very popular with Registry Weddings and civil weddings. This car again has the ability and popularity of acting alongside any of the classics, as that ultimate bridesmaid car, or can be used to pick up the Groom and his party to transport them to the venue