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Fairytale carriages is an established, well respected and reliable business owned and run by Meinir and Wayne a husband and wife team and we trade as 'Fairytale Carriages (Wedding Car Hire) Limited'

It doesn't matter whether it's a full Church Wedding or Civil Partnership, with our vast experience you can be assured we will take great care to make yours the perfect day. No matter how you choose to celebrate the 'Special Day' we will always try to accommodate you and of course we actively promote a happy, open and non-judgmental environment

It's all in the planning

It goes without saying that we will spend as long as it takes to ensure that all goes well on the day. Careful planning and years of experience in customer care ensure that you will enjoy the day from beginning to end

Experience shows that most weddings require our attendance for approximately 4 hours. We charge an hourly rate of £25.00 per hour after that and this will be invoiced separately, this would be very rare and hardly ever the case. It's your day and we are there to help you enjoy it. Remember, the car you choose will be yours, it won't be rushing off to do another wedding! It's one car per wedding per day

Fairtytale Carriages have a fully serviced and well maintained fleet of the finest cars and we only employ hand picked experienced drivers

No matter how big the wedding everyone is on a budget, some big, some small. No matter what your budget and how much you have set aside for cars, you can be assured we will do our very best to help; after all you want to spend just enough to do the job properly and not a penny more. Our wedding cars start from a very competitive £245.00* with nothing else to pay. We also offer discounted package deals

The day prior to the wedding, Fairytale carriages are inspected fully, this include fuel, oil, water and tyre checks.
On the day we generally start at around 7.30am. All the cars are hand washed, polished and the interiors cleaned. The ribbons are then replaced. All the cars have umbrellas, but hopefully these will not be needed.
The drivers arrive to collect the cars in good time having had all relevant information and directions supplied at least a week before. Where possible, we drive the routes or check reception venues if we haven’t been to them before.
The car (or cars) will arrive at the starting location at a prearranged time, allowing plenty of opportunity for photographs. If there are two cars booked, the first will leave with the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride so it can arrive at the church or registry about 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. This enables the ushers to encourage the guests to make their way inside before the arrival of the bride. The bride and escort will arrive in the main car in good time which allows for photos to be taken.
Whilst the wedding takes place we will tidy interiors, confirm the route to the reception and generally clean the cars. If champagne has been ordered, we will also get this ready. If possible, after the photographs, both cars will leave together for the reception. When we arrive at the venue we park the cars and are happy to fulfill most photographic requests. When you go inside to start your reception this is usually when we leave.
We only ever do one wedding per car, per day and the job takes as long as it takes. On returning to base, we check the cars over, put them away ready for the next wedding